CBRM Tenants Association

As a pillar of New Dawn’s ongoing Tenant Education, Empowerment, and Advocacy Project, we are beginning to conceptualize a Tenants Association here in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. We believe that a Tenants Association should be a grassroots, community-led, tenant-led group that can be used to support, advocate, and create resources for local tenants.

So far, a cohort of community members including tenants and tenant-serving professionals has volunteered their time to meet on 3 occasions in 2023 to discuss our ongoing Tenant Advocacy Project. The group served to make recommendations for the direction of the Project going forth, and notably, has advised and helped to design the Tenants’ Rights Hotline.

If you are interested in learning more about the concept of a Tenants Association, we encourage you to explore the links below to read about similar community organizations in other places across Nova Scotia and Canada, or contact us with questions.

If you’d like to contribute your own ideas and opinions on the concept of our forming CBRM Tenants Association, or if you’re interested to get involved, contact us.

Tenants Associations across Nova Scotia and Canada